"What we want is to see the student in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the student."



Students are actively involved in various curriculum based updating programs initiated by our college. This includes seminars from prominent leaders in the field of Physiotherapy and other medical professionals. Students also present seminars to share their knowledge of the subject with others.

Case Presentation and Discussion

Case presentations and discussions which are part of our curricular activities help students to practically understand the methods of patient management and it also helps them to gain confidence of handling various conditions they encounter in their postings and possibly in their future practice.


Active participation in State, National and International Conferences or Workshops are encouraged as they are the means of updating professional practices.
Our students have been participating in “CONPHYCS” – State Level Conference for Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Students in Gujarat State every year.


The institution encourages active research to be carried out in the respective field of interest. Internees conduct small research projects during their internship period under the guidance of the teachers in their area of interest.

Our teaching faculties also participate in various Continuing Medical and Physiotherapy Programs (CME/CPE) that helps them to maintain competency and learn about new and developing areas in the field.

They update their area of expertise by being a part of conferences, seminars and workshops and by conducting research work.


SEMFEST is acronym for Seminar Festival which is organized by our institution. Every year month of March will witness various specialists in the field share their knowledge and vision on specific topics among students and therapists.


April of every year, the institution organizes PHYSIOINQUEST – A Physio Quiz contest for Physiotherapy students in the state.